Custom BBCodes

BBCode name Help line Display on posting
[5min] 5min: [5min]numbers from embed url[/5min] No
[acronym] Acronym: [acronym]Text,Popuptext[/acronym] No
[addThis] AddThis: [AddThis][/AddThis] No
[adobevideo] Adobe Video: [adobevideo]Video Link[/adobevideo] No
[adultswim] Adult Swim [adultswim]ID only[/adultswim] No
[align=] Align: [align=Your alignment]Your text[/align] No
[animated] [animated]Your Text[/animated] No
[anipro] Anipro: [anipro]% progress of 200,% progress[/anipro] Yes
[antiie] Anti IE: [antiie]Content here[/antiie]] No
[atom] Atom: [atom]Video ID only[/atom] No
[background] Background Picture: [background]Enter picture URL here[/background] No
[bambuser] [bambuser]Video Number - it's in the url[/bambuser] No
[beats] Beats: [beats]artist,artistID[/beats] No
[bform] Advanced button: [bform]URL, image URL, button text[/bform] No
[bg2ads] Adsense: [bg2ads][/bg2ads] No
[bg2ads1] Adsense: [bg2ads1][/bg2ads1] No
[bible] Bible: Bible: [Bible]Book Chapter,Verse-Verses[/Bible] No
[bingSB] Bing search bar: [BingSB][/BingSB] No
[blink] Blink: [blink]Blinking text[/blink] No
[blink2] Blinking: [blink2][/blink2] No
[bluebox=] BlueBox:[bluebox=title]Text[/bluebox] No
[break] Break Video: [break]Video ID[/break] No
[c] In-Line Code: [c]your code[/c] Yes
[calculator] Calculator: [calculator][/calculator] No
[ceknito] Ceknito: [ceknito]link to video[/ceknito] No
[center] Center: [center]Put Your text here[/center] No
[col] Column: [col]collumn1|collumn2[/col] No
[collegehumor] Collegehumor: [collegehumor]Video ID[/collegehumor] No
[colorslide=] Colorslide: [colorslide=Text]color,color,number (time in milliseconds)[/colorslide] No
[copyright=] Copyright: [Copyright=Insert Name]The website of the page you want people to go [/Copyright] No
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