Welcome back - again

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Welcome back - again

Post by Stoker »

Hello people,

Looks like I have forgot to open a welcome back topic after I reopened PhpBB3 BBCodes.
Well, I guess its never too late so I will do it now :D

I am running PhpBB3 BBCodes like a one man show now.
Therefore I am using a forum setup that wont take more time that I have to give.

All MODs in these forums are available for everyone: 3.0.X Modifications
They are all supported by me.

I these forums only Donators have full access: Donators
The Donators Area forum is strictly for Donators. Here they can request support and opening of close topics from the archive and they can use the snippets only posted in that forum.
The Snippets forum is open for everybody, but only donators can get support.

In the Archives all topics are closed and there is no support.
Due to a change from Ubuntu to Windows 7 all the attachments got damaged. Nothing to do about it.
Use it if you like. But remember, no support!

There is no general phpBB3 support here.
phpbb.com has a great support team so I suggest you go there for general support.

Enjoy :hi:
Board rules! No PM support
Sure, I can install the Mod for you ;)
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Welcome back - again

Post by Neo »

Thank you :hi:

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Welcome back - again

Post by martin123456 »

Ubuntu to Windows 7 :shock: :shock:

are you mad ??

have you seen how many ppl have posted they have linux and want to get set up on it as it's better than windows.

Either way welcome back.

(shhhhhh i host on windows 7 but have ubuntu installed and will be converting over to ubuntu soon)

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Welcome back - again

Post by David1987 »

Thanks for your time and effort :thumb:

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Re: Welcome back - again

Post by UPSIDE »

Thanks you

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Re: Welcome back - again

Post by RMcGirr83 »

Welcome to 3 years ago

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Re: Welcome back - again

Post by Sniper_E »

Thank you
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Re: Welcome back - again

Post by sitesplat »

RMcGirr83 wrote:Welcome to 3 years ago
lol :lol:
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Re: Welcome back - again

Post by Dragosvr92 »

We are contacting the past. We witches! no wait... sorcerers...?
Fk it... we are Time lords ! :D Yes thats it ! HELLLLOOO........

Yes..... i am boored o.o :ugeek: