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Download and support for PhpBB3 PM Notify & Guest Register bar
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Download PM Notify & Guest Register bar

Post by Stoker » 16 May 2011, 19:21

Modification Name:PM Notify & Guest Register bar
Author: Stoker

Modification Description: This mod was originally created by Cback for phpBB2. When I converted to phpBB3 this mod was one of the first mods I modified and installed.
Later there was added some code provided by Strato at STG.
The PM Notify & Guest Register bar shows a bar with a registration link to Guests.
For registered users it shows a bar when there is new or unread Private messages. For the last part the users have to enable Pop up window on new private message in the user control panel.
Modification Version: 1.0.0
phpBB Version: 3.0.8
AutoMOD: Yes

Support: PM Notify & Guest Register bar

When not logged in.png
A new private message.png
A new and unread private message.png

Demo URL:

Modification Download:
Download here

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