Hi happy New year 2013 !

You can say hello here
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BBCoder I
BBCoder I
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Hi happy New year 2013 !

Post by Lokti » 05 Jan 2013, 22:14

Hello, im' Lokti from France. I use phpbb since 1 year for my hobie

Thank you for your board and contents, it's very well

I ever use the Radio MOD, i continue to read your pages with pleasur

Manu thanks, have à good year 2013 all

From Lokti with love X

(sorry for my english)

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Hi happy New year 2013 !

Post by Stoker » 06 Jan 2013, 02:08

Happy new year and welcome :thumb:
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Hi happy New year 2013 !

Post by Nully » 09 Jan 2013, 20:26

Bonne année Lokti. Happy new year :)