[Tutorial]How to install phpBB style

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[Tutorial]How to install phpBB style

Post by DeadCool »

This tutorial explains how to install a phpBB 3.0 style.

In order to install a style you must have access to forum files and access to forum admin control panel.

If you are using a free forum hosting service, you most likely do not have access to files and will not be able to install style. Please contact your forum host to install style for you.
Uploading files

Extract zip file containing style.

After extracting zip file, you will find a folder that contains all style files. Upload it via FTP using an FTP client such as Filezilla to directory "styles" of your forum.


You can verify if you have uploaded files correctly by checking path to style.cfg; it must be styles/{style_name}/style.cfg (replace "{style_name}" with style directory).

Sometimes extracted style contains additional directory created by software you used to extract style. Make sure you do not upload that directory, but upload its contents. Path to style.cfg must be styles/{style_name}/style.cfg, not styles/{style_name}/{style_name}/style.cfg
Installing style

After uploading all files, open your forum in browser, log into admin control panel.

Click "Styles" tab and you will see list of installed styles.

Below that list you will see list of styles available for installation. Click "Install" link for style you want to install.

Submit form. If you want to set new style as default forum style, enable "make default style" option.


That's all.

If you do not want users to be able to select other styles, click "General" tab, on left side select "Board settings" and enable option "Override user style".

If after uploading style to your forum you cannot see it in admin control panel, probably you have ether uploaded it incorrectly or style files have wrong permissions. Make sure directory structure is correct by checking part to style.cfg: it should be phpBB3/styles/stylename/style.cfg, not phpBB3/styles/stylename/stylename/style.cfg (notice double "stylename" directory). If file location is correct, check permissions for files and directories. Change directories access to 0755 and files to 0644.

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[Tutorial]How to install phpBB style

Post by usmankokab »

Really helpful for me. Thanks for this hard work.