What do you pay for hosting?

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Stoker »

What do you pay for your hosting?
What do you get for the money (space, trafic and so on)?
Do your users donate to help you pay for hosting or do you use ads?
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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by martin123456 »

On one site i pay £1.99 a month and i get 10 gb space and unlimited bandwidth and my other host i host my own so its all free :D the fee is so small i pay my self but my online shop is offline and has been for a while as i found a better source to sell too.

my real site is http://www.wildsidexotics.com

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Blackwolf »

I pay $299.40 per year
Unlimited storage, Dedicated IP, Postini Email Filtering,Site Backup Pro,Pro Web Hosting & SSL Certificate.

Donations are few & far between but Google ads pay enough to pay the bills. :)
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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Vox Populi »

I pay about 65.00 US a year. 10gb, unlimited traffic and email addresses. 10 sql databases. I'm on a grid. In otherwords, if a server is busy and slows down my site, it pulls from one of 20 other servers to share the load.

I get pretty decent donations. More than enough to cover the costs.
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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Solidjeuh »

This is what I have:
And yes, it's fully payed every month with donations :)
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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by shytom »

I'm currently paying $35pm for my VPS.
I get 200GB HDD, 2GB Dedicated RAM, 4TB Bandwidth, 4 Dedicated IP's, on top of that also get guaranteed 10min support ticket response and dedicated manager who I deal with for any issues.

I cover the cost of the server out of my own pocket at the moment, not asking for donations just yet got to get more members but do have adverts running that seem to be working on visitors to my forum.

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by SOMU »

I have to pay $120 yearly to host gator for my shared hosting unlimited disk space , bandwidth ( but restricted to 25 simultaneous connection ) . I am running a chat room also in my site but its remotely hosted in addon chat server so no load in my forum server for chat room members . Total cost $280 per year ( forum hosting + chat room hosting ), newly developed forum its 10 month old with 2200 registered members . I got very less amount from ads. But our members donate and bear the full cost of forum hosting + chat hosting .

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by pheonixstorm »

May be switching services soon, but currently 22/month for a virtual server. Ad revenue hasn't come up to much yet but also hasn't been up long either. Haven't setup donations yet either but that should help alot (i hope).

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Ashley.S. »

I pay for $135 a nice dedicated server with HostDime getting:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0GHz
250GB SATAII Primary Drive
250GB SATAII Backup Drive (Time-Stamped Backups)
3TB Monthly Bandwidth
100Mbps Uplink
CentOS 5.x
cPanel/WHM + CloudLinux
Fully Managed
24x7x365 Human Monitoring
4 IPs
Freebies: http://www.hostdime.com/services/freebies/

All paid through ad revenue, hosting, donations and then the rest out of my pocket :)

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by starjudoboy »

I set up a host