What do you pay for hosting?

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Jessica »

I've now decided to buy prime membership of x10hosting, and I only payed $4.95 to get a one year membership. I had enough $ in my paypal account

x10 already offers unlimited storage, prime membership just gives me Doubled CPU and memory resources, Doubled package allowances - Domains, databases, FTP accounts, and email addresses, and it removes the portal inactivity rule.

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Demented »

$42.00 yr The iPage Essential Plan

Im happy with it. Twice I used customer support and both were speedy responses and they knew what to do. Very gratifying when your in a pickle already. 8-)

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by artikkk »

i pay 85€/month..

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by Stoker »

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What do you pay for hosting?

Post by djs596 »

I pay around €40 ($50) per year for a VPS with 256MB memory, 5GB storage and equal share CPU (I think).

Previously paid around €50 ($62) per year (discounted from double that (€100/ $124)) for a "budget" VPS from a different company with 1GB RAM, another 1GB "flexi- ram", 20GB storage and 3GHz CPU power.

The 1GB VPS was more reliable and faster, but I would have had to pay the full price to renew even though I don't need such high specs.

I just pay for it myself, mostly it is used as a test VPS (though I host a few low traffic sites). Cost is nothing compared to the cost of other things. Renewing domains costs almost as much.