Lets discuss icons

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Lets discuss icons

Post by matthewtimothy »

Well ive bugged a lot of people on phpBB and here about phpBB in general and how to use it. So i thought I would give back and use my design skills and make some new icons. Now I see that many styles have icons they use and some are default but I wanted to know if i could get a total list of all types of icons.

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Lets discuss icons

Post by mobius »

to theme a skin like prosilver you go look at the


folder. pretty much all these icons can be edited/changed, and if you change the image type or size of an icon/image, then you edit the


like this

img_site_logo = site_logo.gif*52*139

to maybe a bigger png

img_site_logo = site_logo.png*200*600

anything outside the imageset folder isn't really part of the core theme i.e maybe from a mod or something.