The Show Button

31 Aug 2011, 21:47


My question relates to the here: Forum ‹ Archives ‹ PhpBB3 BBCode Database ‹ Mod BBCodes ‹ Guest Hide BBCode

You see there the show button
If you click it, seems "text"!
Here's my question, how can I get this working, or as she calls herself?
I am very interested in this feature. Even as they roll out and curl.

Can someone give me advice as how I can get something or post where I can find something?

Thank you for your help :)

The Show Button

31 Aug 2011, 22:55

well i have just installed it and i think the buttons here are to just show you it working - what happens ( to the one i have ) is that if a non registered guest looks at your forum post when youve used the hide bbcode all he will see is "only registered users can view this post" or somthing like that - so if you log out of your site and view your post you will see what im on about ;) like i said the buttons here are to show you - I could be wrong ?

The Show Button

31 Aug 2011, 23:06

yes I understand you exactly but I did not think I would have liked the retractable button, which allows a kind of rolling out a lot of text and if you click on him once he leaves.

The Show Button

31 Aug 2011, 23:16

ahh ok i think i know what your on about - im guessing you would prefer it to be like the demo ? you will have to see if stoker or someone else knows as i aint got a clue how to do it ;)

The Show Button

01 Sep 2011, 05:28

There is no support for topics in the Archive which is clearly stated there.
There is no general support here.
Since your question has absolutely nothing to do with the Premod, I will lock this topic.