Forum SEO in footer

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Forum SEO in footer

Post by matthewtimothy »

I was interested in using forum seo but i wanted to know if it would cause any issues to move it below the forum instead of before the forum. Also what files could i modify?? I am using automod.

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Forum SEO in footer

Post by Stoker »

Just use the SEO bottom, then it will be placed at the bottom.
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Forum SEO in footer

Post by BarryV »

I think it is also advisable to put SEO in your forum footer but I found out that most of the forum has SEO on the top beside or below the forum title and I think its purpose is to generate more web traffic.
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Forum SEO in footer

Post by Martin_K »

The position of the text on the page is irrelevant. Forum SEO puts keywords and description in the <head> area of your page, where it can be seen by the search engine bots. To check it out, 'view page source' in your browser and look for:

<meta name="keywords" content="page, content, keywords" />
<meta name="description" content="page description here" />

near the top of the page. This is how the Bots will index your page.